Intensive Driving Courses

Short of time and want to learn to drive quickly? Then ADA’s intensive learn to drive courses are the perfect solution. Intensive driving courses can be tailored to suit complete beginners or partly trained learner drivers.

An initial 2 hour driving lesson with one of our experienced driving instructors will assess your current driving level. Your instructor will then determine how many hours of tuition you will need to be ready for the practical driving test. We will book your driving test for you and plan your driving lessons around the test date.

Intensive driving course lessons typically consist of 6 hours of tuition spread over 7 hours in a day allowing for breaks. However, we can create a different package if necessary.

Terms and Conditions

All Drivers Academy

Below are the terms and conditions regarding your driver training:

There is a 48-hour notice period to change or cancel lessons, if less than 48 hours’ notice is given you will be liable to pay for that lesson.

The school will require you to pre-pay for lessons to secure your booking, unless, alternate arrangement has been made prior to your lesson and agreed by your instructor. You can pay via internet banking. You can either pay for a single or double lesson, or for the discounted rate for a block of ten hours. Please use your full name as reference when paying online.

Lessons are non-refundable if block bookings of four hours or more are purchased. Lessons will be agreed between the student and instructor. Instructors will wait no longer than ten minutes after the agreed start time of the lesson. The session will then be charged in full.

All lessons paid in advance including block bookings must be completed. No refunds are available and no bookings paid in advance are transferable. There is a 20% handling charge of the amount paid, if the instructor chooses to refund any monies. BUT, it’s the instructors choice ONLY to do this. The company takes no responsibility for any disputes between the instructor and the pupil. Instructors are self employed and have no affiliation to ADA.

If you attend a lesson and your instructor believes you to be unfit to drive either through drink, drugs or medical reason your lesson will not go ahead, and you will be charged for the duration of the lesson in full.

Your instructor can cancel without complaint from the student if the instructor’s vehicle breaks down or another student submits a short notice driving test after the 48-hour notice period.

Any short notice test takes priority over any lessons booked in advance. If any lessons happen to fall on the short notice test day, then the instructor will endeavor to rebook the lesson or lessons within 21 days from the original lesson date.

All forthcoming lessons that are booked with your instructor will need to be paid for in advance unless agreed otherwise.

Lessons will also be cancelled by your instructor without prior warning if your instructor deems it to be too high risk due to adverse weather conditions, if the lesson is cancelled due to this you will not be charged for that lesson.

All Drivers Academy Intensive Courses Terms and Conditions,

The vast majority of courses go without a hitch, but please read and understand the Terms and Conditions below prior to booking, so we both know where we stand and how the course works.

By booking a course of driving lessons with All Drivers Academy you are indicating that you have read the terms and conditions.

  1. Each course is for the total amount of hours booked. Additional hours can be booked with your instructor and depending on course type there is a separate hourly rate. Please discuss with instructor

Also please note: courses are not guaranteed to be completed over one week, larger courses 30 hours or more may be completed over two weeks, subject to instructor availability.

  1. If transport to the theory test centre is required during a lesson, this will form part of your lesson time, from when you arrive in the car until we drop you off home after the theory test. Transport to the theory centre will be arranged only if requested, as your instructor will need to make sure the lesson times sync up with the test time.
  2. All pupils must pass the legally required eyesight test (20.5m or 67 ft). This will normally be conducted by your driving instructor on the first lesson, should you fail the eyesight check the course would have to be abandoned until you have corrected your eyesight. Any agreed hours booked in with the instructor would be lost.
  3. If your instructor feels that you are not ready to take your practical driving test at the end of the course, due to safety reasons, then you the pupil will not be allowed to take your driving test. If this is the case, you will lose your test fee and will not be offered a refund of any unused hours or any deposit or test fees.
  4. Start Dates and Deposit Refunds: All deposits made online are non-refundable, as when we receive the booking, we are already carrying out work.

If an instructor makes, contact with you and you agree on a schedule the deposit would become non-refundable as the course is successfully booked in.

The reason that we cannot refund a deposit once it is allocated is that driving instructors are self-employed businessmen and women and cancellation of the course leaves the driving instructor without any income for that week once we have already reserved them for you as requested on booking. Courses may be rescheduled for a later date that you can attend at the driving instructor’s discretion.

6. Once a deposit has been received, the pupil has a period 6 weeks to complete the course should we not hear from the pupil for a period of 6 weeks (e.g. if you have lost interest in completing the course) than any remaining deposit is forfeited and test fees lost.

7. Once the course hours have been organized into the driving instructor’s diary, if a pupil then cancels any driving lessons and it is less than 2 full clear weeks from the lesson due date, then those lessons will be forfeited, and time lost. The instructor cannot rearrange a course once you have agreed the times with the driving instructor at short notice.

8. If a pupil books additional hours with the instructor and then cancels or fails to show, then these lessons will be charged and payable to the driving instructor at his / her standard hourly rate.

9. When taking a crash driving course, it is not normally possible to drive continuously, therefore, short breaks can be arranged between you and your instructor at both parties discretion, whenever either of you feels that rest is required.

10. Your intensive driving course includes break times and time to rent / hire your driving instructors vehicle for the practical test and drive you home / back to your agreed meeting point at the end of the test. Usually 2:5hours is set aside for this.

11. All courses are booked and based with advice on average learning capabilities from past client experience and are a rough guide only. No guarantees can be implied by any advisor or instructor. You should be prepared for extra tuition if it is felt that it is required before you are allowed to safely attend the driving test.

12. A practical driving test cannot be booked until the pupil has successfully passed the theory test and we have been informed of the theory pass number.

13. Practical test availability is subject to tests made available by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA). All attempts will be made by us to secure a practical test local to the pupil, however, the instructor reserves the right to choose any test centre they deem appropriate for the pupil. If no test slots become available for the final day of your course, then you may save a few hours and return another following week to take your test, once a suitable test slot has been found. Test centres may be closed on weekends and bank holidays. We cannot guarantee a test for any specific day but normally get one at the end of your course week or early the week after if the test centre is fully operational. Please be aware this may require more of your time to complete the driving course at a later date than you originally planned.

14. The contract of the Crash Course / Intensive Course is between the pupil and the driving instructor. Any disputes or claims should, therefore, be taken up with the instructor firstly and not All Drivers Academy. We cannot be held liable for any compensation claim from a pupil, nor can it be held responsible for any traffic violation on the part of the pupil or the instructor.

15. The remaining balance of any course is payable directly to the driving instructor who is teaching you and is for the lesson fees.

Failure be able to pay for the course remaining balance on the first lesson or when requested will result in immediate course cancellation,

16. In the unlikely event of the instructor’s vehicle breaking down during the course, a refund of the outstanding lesson time and outstanding test fees will be made if an alternative instructor cannot be arranged. Lessons taken will be charged at the standard hourly rate.

17. All Drivers Academy and your driving instructor cannot be held liable for any losses resulting in course cancellation or test cancellation due to any of the following reasons – driving course or driving test cancellation due to bad weather, for example snow or ice, examiner illness, examiner strike, instructor illness, vehicle breakdown & sudden product recall on vehicles. Where possible your instructor will arrange another date to finish the course off in the event of any of the above scenarios. The DVSA has a procedure to claim for out-of-pocket expenses in these cases.

18. Please do not make any travel or accommodation arrangements if you are not taking the course with a pickup from home, until the course is confirmed directly with your appointed driving instructor.

19. Please do not book time off work until you have spoken to your appointed instructor and discussed and confirmed your schedule.