Our Practice Routes

After learning the basic skills and manoeuvers required for the driving test, ADA students complete a number of practice driving tests with their instructor.

The practice tests will cover all stages of the real driving test including:

  • Driving on popular routes covered in the Portsmouth or Lee-on-Solent driving tests
  • Completing manoeuvers such as:
    – Emergency stops
    – Hill starts
    – Reversing into a parking bay
    – Reverse parallel parking
    – Drive forward into a parking bay
    – Pull up on the right-hand side of the road
    – Using a Sat Nav

Even if a parent or friend has taught you to drive it can be a good idea to book a couple of practice tests with a driving instructor so you can get a good feeling of what the real driving test will be like and what you will be asked to do. Our driving instructors can even record any driving faults and serious driving faults that you pick up, so you can gauge if you are ready to book your real driving test!

Can I view the driving test routes before my test?

The DVSA no longer publish the driving test routes online. This decision was made in 2010 when the driving test was overhauled to incorporate a new portion of the test – driving to a landmark without turn by turn instruction from the driving examiner.

The new driving test style is designed to be more life-like and realistic. Students taking their driving test will have to read road signs, make decisions and navigate safely on the road – all skills that are important for day to day driving.

You can read more about the new driving test format here.

Some websites still provide details of the driving test routes prior to the 2010 changes. If you are getting a bit of extra practice in with a friend or relative these routes can be good to use as they cover a diverse range of road layouts that will feature in your driving test – hills, dual carriageways, left and right turns, roundabouts etc.

Portsmouth driving test routes

However, be aware that these test routes are no longer used and it is not required to learn test routes by heart. Remember, if you are ready to pass your test then you should be comfortable and safe when driving and navigating, even if the road is unfamiliar.