Advanced Driving Lessons

Learning to drive doesn’t always stop when you pass your driving test. ADA offer a number of advanced driving lessons and courses that can improve your confidence on the road and in many cases reduce your car insurance premiums. Pass Plus and motorway lessons are both provided by our highly trained driving instructors at ADA.

Refresher driving lessons are also available for drivers that may have had a break from driving – ideal for many situations but increasingly popular with drivers that pass their test at 17 but don’t get their own car for a while after.

Take a look in more detail at our advanced driving lessons:

Pass Plus

This is a 6 hour course and will involve: Town Driving, All-Weather Driving, Out of Town Driving & Rural Roads, Night Driving, Dual Carriageways and Motorways.

Pass Plus driving lessons are available in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas including Havant, Waterlooville, Emsworth, Horndean, Cosham, Fareham and Gosport. If students are taking the Pass Plus course in one day then our driving instructors will also cover other areas of Hampshire and West Sussex. View our driving lessons locations page for more details.

Motorway Lessons

If you passed your test before the 4th June 2018 you would not have been allowed to drive on the motorway, even when you are with a driving instructor. Statistics report that driver error is present in 90% of motorway crashes, with mechanical failure accounting for only 10%.

Inexperience and lack of training is a large contributor to fatal accidents. For example, lack of understanding of how to join and exit slip roads, along with many other factors relating to speed and separation distance.

ADA offer a 2 or 3-hour motorway driving courses  for people who have just passed their test or are not that confident on faster moving roads. This practical session will give you a greater insight into how to drive safely on motorways, and reduce the amount of risks relating to crashes. It is highly recommended to new licence holders, as they pose a high risk of being involved in crashes, especially in the first 6 months of driving.

The session will give you vital information on problems associated with breakdowns, use of speed, entering & leaving motorways correctly, following too closely, weather, planning and anticipation, making use of escape routes, courtesy to road users, tiredness and lack of concentration. Also, the course will cover how to understand motorway signs and to act on them safely.

As you may be aware “Pass Plus” will involve motorway driving, but will only cover the basics (due to the other subjects that make up the course).

To book your motorway course please speak to your driving instructor or contact us online.