The pass rate for passing the driving test is 45.8%

Junctions (observations)

Make sure you have clear view of the new road you are about to enter, if you are approaching a closed junction make sure you ease up to the junction slowly until you can see any hazards. Make sure you look right, left and ahead (if at a crossroads), then think will my actions affect any other road users.

Mirrors (change direction)

Checking mirrors are important as this lets you know what is going on behind you, so that you will have an all-round picture not just what is in front of you. Remember the M-S-M routine and make sure you check both interior and appropriate exterior mirror before signalling and changing direction.

Controls (steering)

You should be looking to keep the steering smooth and in control, not steering to much that you end up to near the kerb or parked cars. To make steering easier remember slowing down will help as you approach bends and junctions.

Junctions (turning right)

When turning right you need to make sure you are at the correct speed for turning into a junction if there are no oncoming traffic. If you are at the correct speed you will not go past the junction to far and have to steer a lot to get into the new road without mounting the pavement,  also you will not feel that you need to steer to early then you won’t cut the corner. If you stop for oncoming traffic, make sure you put yourself in the correct gear.

Move off (safely)

On your test you will be asked to pull up on the left, then to drive on. Don’t forget to do all your checks, checking your blind spots as well as your mirror. Remember your POM routine.

Response to signals (traffic lights)

As you approach traffic lights think to yourself have, they been green a while, if so anticipate that they could change before you get to them. Remember if the lights start to change when you are right on top of them it is probably not safe to stop, but if they change before you get to close then you must make sure you stop without going over the stop line or onto any green bike boxes.

Move off (control)

On your test when being asked to pull up on the left they are not only looking for you to be able to do all your observations, they also are looking to see if you can pull away under control. Make sure once you have stopped to put your handbrake on, take it out of gear and cancel your indicator. Then once they ask you drive on you just have do your POM routine. Remember to make sure you are at the biting point when they ask you to do a hill start.

Positioning (normal driving)

Make sure that you are staying in the middle of your lane and drifting to far left or right. When passing parked cars remember to give them at least a car doors width of room.

Response to signals (road markings)

When driving look out for road markings such as Keep clear or yellow box junctions. If you are in a queue remember do not wait in these or over any pedestrian crossings.

Reverse park (control)

When reverse parking remember if you keep it slow using your clutch control this will make the manoeuvre easier. Use your reference points and if you haven’t parked properly the first time you can correct yourself.